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Helping you fund your education and future!
Providing personalized college planning to students and their families.

At Afford College Now Financial Aid Services we help families tackle the rising costs of college by assisting and guiding them through the college planning and financial aid application process.

We understand that funding a college education can be a difficult and stressful experience.  Our goal is to help you save your important time and money through the entire college planning and financial aid process.

Don't let the high costs of higher education prevent you from pursuing your educational goals and career dreams.  We can help you afford and fund your college education by exploring many different financial aid options that are available to you or your family.  We assist you in maximizing your eligibility for financial aid, regardless of your income or financial situation.  

Planning for college education costs today can save you a great amount of money in the long term!

The earlier you start the college selection & financial aid planning, the better!
Don't wait until the last minute.  The time is NOW!

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You may contact us directly with any questions you may have at the following email address:

-Francesco Baglieri , Founder & CEO

Serving the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Helping students fund their college and university education throughout the financial aid planning process.  Financial aid is funded through grants, student loans, scholarships, and work study.


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